I am from Austria
Winemaking has a long tradition in Austria. We Austrians love wine and during the last decades a great viniculture has been established. In Austria you will find more white wine, approximately 65% of the whole production. We are indeed a white wine-nation! But we are also able to produce amazing red wines. In Austria we have 46000 ha for viniculture. That's astonishing, right? Annually we Austrians produce approximately 2,5 Mio. hectolitre wine. This is 250 000 000 litre wine. And this has to be drunk by someone. On average everyone drinks 31 litre wine per year. So this is no wonder anymore, why we Austrians sometimes start yodeling. The secret is disclosed why we Austrians yodel. But now it is enough with these numbers, we don't want you to get a mathematical shock! Let's come to the essentials: to our unique, terrific, perfect grape varieties: